Cohort analysis reference (part 1)

Jeremy Liew on cohort analysis and e-commerce CLV:

I like to see LTV/CAC > 2.5 (which tells you that you have a robust long term business with enough margin to cover overhead) and Payback periods under 12 months.

How RJMetrics handles cohort data:

… cohort analysis can be broadly defined as the view of how specific, unchanging groups of customers behave over the same periods in their respective customer life-cycles.

Fred Wilson on measurement and cohort analysis:

In a nutshell, the methodology is: build, test, measure, iterate, test, measure, iterate, test, measure… Measurement is not a simple thing. What do you measure and how do you measure it?

Josh Kopelman on cohort analysis and lifecycle messaging:

Conducting a cohort analysis is just the first step towards increasing user retention and activity levels.  Once you have your cohort analysis, you then should look at ways to systematically reduce churn and increase user satisfaction – by finding the key “touchpoints” which can dramatically change the course of a user’s experience.

Keplar LLP on the wide variety of cohort analyses:

But for any one business, there will be a number of cohort analyses that will be relevant to answer a range of different business questions.

And of course, the original Startup Metrics for Pirates from 2007.